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The manga adaptation illustrated by Akiko Morishima began serialization in Gentosha's Comic Birz magazine on February 28, 2014, featuring a completely different plot to the anime series.[3] The first tankōbon volume was released on November 21, 2014.[1]


Volume 1[]

November 21, 2014

Kureha Tsubaki has strange dreams about her new classmate, Ginko Yurishiro, who she initially believes to be a bear but is proven wrong. As Ginko strives to do anything to keep Kureha safe, Kureha gets a new roommate, Lulu Yurigasaki, who claims to be Ginko's childhood friend and alleged lover, though Ginko doesn't appear to remember anything about it. Later, Ginko, who believes that the entire world is made up of bears with Kureha being the only human girl, is pressured by her mother into attempting to eat Kureha, but she finds herself unable to go through with it. After Ginko explains her situation to Kureha, Lulu reveals to Kureha that the "bear world" is a delusion placed into Ginko by her mother.

Volume 2[]

July 24, 2015

While searching through her mother's bedroom, Ginko discovers a pendant that causes her dormant memories to reawaken. Fearing what she has learned, Ginko decides to distance herself from Kureha, who reveals she is in love with her. Kureha soon meets a bear fanatic named Sumika Izumino who, despite her own feelings for Kureha, decides to help her look into a teddy bear given to Ginko by her mother in order to find the cause of her suffering. Meanwhile, Lulu tries to make a move on Ginko but is stopped when she remembers her little brother Milne, who died in a traffic accident. Lulu soon comes across Sumika, who uses some sort of magic to reunite her with Milne and remind her of her childhood spent with Ginko. Spurred on by this meeting, Lulu goes to confront Ginko's mother, Kale, who was allegedly responsible for the death of Kureha's mother, Reia.

Volume 3[]

May 24, 2016

Lulu decides to bring Yurika and Kale back to Japan to meet with Sumika. Along the way, Yurika and Kale recall how they both came to love Reia, only for her to wind up marrying a man she had just met. Upon arriving at Sumika's house, Yurika and Kale are met with a vision of Reia, who reminds them to keep on living, revealing that Kale was not actually responsible for Reia's death. Later, Mitsuko Yurizono confronts Sumika about the disappearance of her friend, learning that it was her own attitude that drove her away. Meanwhile, it is revealed that back when Kureha and Ginko first met, Ginko shot Reia after mistaking her for an attacker. Unable to pull Ginko out of her bear world, Kureha decides to join Ginko in her delusion. Upon learning that Reia may still be alive somewhere, Kureha and Ginko set forth on a new adventure.