Kale Yurishiro
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Japanese Voice Mamiko Noto
English Voice Clarine Harp

Kale Yurishiro (百合城 カレ Yurishiro Kare), is Ginko's mother in the manga version. She is an eccentric and forgetful woman who lives in a foreign country due to her poor health. She is in a sexual relationship with Yurika. She is also the author of The Moon Girl and Forest Bear in the manga version. She implanted the idea of a "bear universe" inside Ginko's head for unknown reasons, and tries to encourage Ginko to eat Kureha, having apparently eaten Reia herself. She was apparently in love with Reia, allegedly killing her after she married a man. In the anime, Kale is an allegedly male character portrayed as being played by a female actress, referred to as simply "Him" (彼 Kare) by Yurika, who looked after Yurika when she was a young cub and was killed by her upon trying to abandon her.