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Ginko Yurishiro
Ginko Yurishiro Human Form.png
Kanji 百合城 銀子
Romaji Yurishiro Ginko
English Ginko Yurishiro
Age 16
Gender Female
Family Unnamed father (manga only)

Kale Yurishiro (mother; manga only) Yuriika Hakonaka (paternal aunt; manga only)

Occupation Student (in disguise)
Affiliation Bears
Race Bear
Birthday July 24
Status Alive
First Appearance
Debut Never Back Down On Love
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Miho Arakawa
English Voice Monica Rial

Ginko Yurishiro (百合城 銀子 Yurishiro Ginko) is the first titular heroine of the series. She is a bear who takes human form and transfers to Arashigaoka Academy, where she sets her sights on Kureha Tsubaki. It is later revealed that, as a bear, she was once friends with Kureha and her mother. At the end of the story, Kureha gives Ginko her promise kiss, and the two head on a journey beyond severance; Lulu states that no one knows what has happened to them afterwards.

In the manga, Ginko sees every living thing as bears, believing Kureha to be her fated one, as Kureha is the only one who appears human to her. Ginko assumes this is because the entire world is made up of bears and only she, her mother and Yurika Hakonaka can see the world for what it truly is, being descended from the royal family of the forest. However, it is later revealed that the "bear universe" is just a delusion implanted into her by her mother, Kale. She later regains her memories, remembering that Kale was responsible for the death of Reia and she tries to distance herself from Kureha.


Human Form[]

In her human form, Ginko has a dark purple bob with a pink fringe and purple eyes. She wears the pink variant of Arashigaoka Academy school uniform with red necktie and dress, a hat consisted of a red band with pink bear and yellow star badges attached to it and a pair of white boots.

Bear Form[]

In her bear form, she is a black bear wearing a crown, a dress consists of a star necklace, a red tie and a short red skirt with a red butterfly knot ribbon a pair of bear paws and a pair of bear legs. She can also transform into a black bear in her bear form.


  • The name Ginko means "silver" (銀) (gin) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Ginko's surname Yurishiro means "lily" (百合) (yuri) and "castle" (城) (shiro).